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  1. I used Adobe Spark to create this presentation as I already had an Adobe CC account. It’s pretty good, but there were only 3 options for creation in Spark; Image, Video or Page (I did Page). The downside of Page is that you cannot yet re-order the elements, so planning is key to avoiding timewasting cut and paste operations. The other downside was that it was not possible to add a narration. All that being said, I liked the “flow” of the page and the various styles to make it look good.

    1. Hi Christina – doesn’t it work if you click the image or the link below the image? Maybe as the author, it always works for me.
      It’s a web page, so you just scroll downwards and it all appears as you go.

  2. Very cool presentation and good point, that distractions have always been present, though I would argue that technology raises the bar quite a bit on distractions and monitoring them both in the classroom, in the workplace and in our private lives. As you wisely pointed out, balance is key and it is something we must teach and model.

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